Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Journey Through the Awesome

Last year I gave a friend of mine like 10 Neil Young bootlegs, when I was making em for him, I was even more floored just how awesome Neil Young is. Copying these for him showed me the scope of just how much shit this dude actually records. Seeing Mr. Young live last year underscored my belief that his records are better than 95% of what are in my collection. Dude still killed it and played heavier then that new black metal crap on southern lord. If you don't like Neil Young (or think he's just okay, or overrated etc.) you probably think that new stooges record was awesome and I hope some drunk dude barfs on your new JFA shirt, asshole.

Neil Young - Perfect Echo Disc 2 Vol. 1

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WHITE LOAD - Fuck Tape

Demo tape from a bunch of Providence punk fuckups. Has a little bit of a garage/rock and roll vibe, but in the dangerous and out of control way, not in a bowling shirt and pompadour way. Shows tend to get bloody about halfway through, whether it's the band members' or the audience's (more often than not both). Highly recommended.

White Load - White Load Fuck Tape

Out of print, check out their website for upcoming releases and shit.

Prurient - Cocaine Death cassette


Q. Who is a cat's favorite noise musician?

A. Purr-rient.

Two song-length tracks on a C10 or sommat from Dominick Fernow, everyone's favorite power electronics hunk. If you'll let me get all Pitchfork on you for a second, this CS seems like it's a thematic precursor to his more recent, introspective work on And Still, Waiting. "Dog of Addiction" features Fernow howling and intoning over a calm-before-the-storm ambient soundscape, setting you up for the maelstrom B-side of "Cocaine Death" - similar sounds, but it gets harsher and more intense. Some of my favorite Prurient work, maybe it'll be yours too.

Prurient - Cocaine Death

As far as I can tell, only 46 copies of the CS this was on were released, but pick up other Prurient releases at Load or Hospital Productions, Fernow's store in NYC which caters exclusively to the extreme experimental connoisseur. There used to be a good reggae store upstairs, Jammyland, but apparently they were kinda dicks? I got a few Scientist and King Tubby LPs which have soundtracked many a reefer.

I'm all about this and those Germs bootlegs you got under your Masonna tapes

It's funny, you walk into some noise show. You get pretty floored by some headliner who's name has something about boob's or a vagina and some kind of violent act. Then you realize that 20 plus years ago their were better bands, or at least noise bands (or whatever you wanna call it) with better names. Airway was one of them. I guess they were some kind of side project from the LAFMS label or something. I'm not sure, ask Byron Coley...he would know shit like that.

Airway - Live at Lace

Buy it

Economist worst band name ever? Who knows

I remember seeing these young kids in a basement. I think they were like 17 and 18. They looked like they were getting ready to get out of high school, or already. At first glance I would have thought these kids would have been into really bad indie rock or at best, getting into like the refused or something, boy was I ever wrong. Of course now the band Economist became is all about Genesis, Soft Machine, and US Maple. This though shows they weren't afraid to listen to the Foo Fighters (first 2 LPs of course), and all the rest of that prog shit. This rocks, kinda in the same way when 7-11 puts a new Slurpee flavor on sale.

Economist - Economist

It's OOP I think.

Brainbombs and lame beer

So I guess it's pretty obvious we named our blog after a Brainbombs LP. It's only fitting that the first post be a Brainbombs LP. I remember being asked about Brainbombs once. All I could say was where the fuck is my wimpy ass hard cider to the girl behind the bar. The guy asking me about this band walked away thinking I was ignoring them, and I sure was.

Oh yeah and Obey is the record I like best, I'm not posting the one you think, be a winner and find it elsewhere.

Brainbombs - Obey

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