Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Journey Through the Awesome

Last year I gave a friend of mine like 10 Neil Young bootlegs, when I was making em for him, I was even more floored just how awesome Neil Young is. Copying these for him showed me the scope of just how much shit this dude actually records. Seeing Mr. Young live last year underscored my belief that his records are better than 95% of what are in my collection. Dude still killed it and played heavier then that new black metal crap on southern lord. If you don't like Neil Young (or think he's just okay, or overrated etc.) you probably think that new stooges record was awesome and I hope some drunk dude barfs on your new JFA shirt, asshole.

Neil Young - Perfect Echo Disc 2 Vol. 1

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Bonerelli said...

i heard he had some fushitsusha type feedback freakouts during his greendale tour w/ crazy horse...any chance you have any boots where he jams a bit?