Monday, August 11, 2008

driving spain up a wall

nobody talks about city of caterpillar any more for some reason but they're still a fucking great band


here's the s/t and then a bonus live track "driving spain up a wall" which they are apparently releasing on a split 10" with pg 99.

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illegal youth said...


Do you have any information regarding the split 10" with Pg. 99? It seems odd that these two bands, who have been inactive for 4 and 5 years, would be putting out a release in 2008.

I looked around and couldn't find anything... the only thing i could find out about "Driving Spain Up A Wall" is that it was released in 2005 on a double CD entitled 80 Records and We're Not Broke (Yet), a compilation of Level Plane Records bands.

The only split I'm aware of with City of Caterpillar and Pg. 99 is the A Split Personality 7", AKA Document #9.