Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dance to the punk fuck


Dude so I just saw some crazy new siltbreeze band that sounds like old Guided By Voices farting on a snare drum with the broad from Times New Viking blowing lou barlow with a bunch of SM57s recording all of this sweet action! Some old dude was talking about the frantix and wouldn't stop, who the fuck are these dudes? Looked them up on allmusic, sounds like early DOA or some shit to me, not quite sure about this.  I went to pick up some more shitgaze records and asked the record clerk. He had some original 7" of the frantix and told me this 7" alone would slay what's in your pile of records (and dude trust me, I got some good shit,  like that last Aaron Dillaway record, you know the one where he uses delay pedals to manipulate his barking dog, FUCKING KILLER). I didn't get the 7", but the chain smoking pretentious fuck played it for me, it wasn't bad, I'll download it I guess. We're still on for that Thruston Moore solo show? I heard he's doing all la monte young covers.  I got my mini disc recorder ready! The ex gf hasn't responded to my emails. She's just gotta understand that a sun ra arkestra show is more important then some lame ass anniversary. I'll keep myspace msging her, shes bound to write back. I'm out.

Monday, August 11, 2008

driving spain up a wall

nobody talks about city of caterpillar any more for some reason but they're still a fucking great band


here's the s/t and then a bonus live track "driving spain up a wall" which they are apparently releasing on a split 10" with pg 99.

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